Deerfield Section Short Hills
June 3, 2017 | Robin Benjamin

The first things you’ll notice about the Deerfield Section are the elegant, stately homes that populate the Beechcroft and Fairfield areas.  Some of the older homes in those sections have been replaced with large new construction.  For home buyers looking for gracious living and a little extra property (and privacy), the Deerfield area of Short Hills is a perfect place to consider.  The Deerfield and Hartshorn area have the most NEW construction available. A completely finished 5,000 square foot luxury home on approximately half acre will start at about $2.5 million. The map on the left shows the 5 elementary school districts in town.      
 Many the homes in the Deerfield Section back up to the Old Day Estate which has now become Greenwood Gardens.Hikers and dog walkers can spend hours walking and exploring these beautiful trails found in the South Mountain Reservation and Old Short Hills Park. ( I walked every mile of those trails with my dogs during the 25 years I lived there.) Within the Deerfield Section there are many neighborhoods that all have their own special qualities. Some are within walking distance to the Deerfield School and others can either carpool or choose the Millburn Township busing. 
The Millburn train station is a (6 min drive) and parking is available for residents at $650.00 annual and $475.00 Semi-annual.
Finally, it’s impossible to write about The Deerfield Section and not talk about the Deerfield School. Deerfield was just ranked- 2015 with the 3rd Best Elementary Teachers In The State.


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