Millburn Short Hills Neighborhoods
June 3, 2017 | Robin Benjamin
When new home buyers come into the suburbs they’re filled with questions. At the top of their list is “how safe is this neighborhood?” The Federal Fair Housing Law prevents me from recommending one Millburn Short Hills neighborhood over another with words that might sway you in a particular direction. I can tell you that I’ve lived in Short Hills for 30 years and my kids have gone through all the schools (both public and private) and I really do know all the neighborhoods! 
There are many neighborhoods in Millburn Short Hills, all of which have their own personalities and styles. Keep in mind that the housing style that you have in mind may not be available in the neighborhood that you’re fallen in love with. This is why I always suggest a good area tour prior to seeing homes.
On my website I list all the monthly sales and trends for Millburn and Short Hills. It’s a good place to see where other homes are selling in the areas where you are considering a purchase.
“Walkability” is a major influencer for many neighborhoods within the Millburn Short Hills areas. Many of the Millburn Short Hills homes are considered, because of the walkable neighborhoods they are in. I have a link I use to measure the walkability score to a home. It gives you the walk score by putting in your address or you can get more information about the area by putting in your zip code.


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