NJ Transit Morris & Essex Line’s Renovations Bring Great News to Millburn-Short Hills Home Buyers
August 16, 2017 | Robin Benjamin

This past May it was first announced by NJ Transit that the Morris & Essex lines, among several other lines, would be diverted from Penn Station to Hoboken due to necessary track work. In their press release NJ Transit clearly blamed Amtrak for this, saying the rail company “neglected the maintenance of its critical infrastructure for years.” Amtrak is currently doing construction on one quarter of the tracks of Penn Station, which is used by more than 600,000 commuters everyday.

This summer millions of people in New Jersey, Westchester, and Long Island are all being affected by these renovations. Commutes are slower, with more delays, overcrowded stations, and many people are considering transportation alternatives, such as taking ferries or buses.

But this is all going to change. For those of you who are currently in the market to buy a Millburn-Short Hills home, fear not. By September 1st, all will revert back to normal. In fact, later, things will only get better.

How Will This Affect Incoming Millburn-Short Hills Homebuyers?

Good news—it won't. In fact, with all the improvements that are going on, you only serve to benefit: personally and financially. For example, by the time you select your ideal Millburn-Short Hills home, all of this initial track construction will be finished. Not only will the trains be working again, everyone on the train will be in such good spirits that their life is returned to normal again. Expect a lot of smiles and good manners on the train, and that's actually just the start of it.

The New  & Vastly Improved Penn Station

But that's not all. Also in the works is a brand new, sleek, state of the art, and gorgeously designed Penn Station(by the legendary architecture firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill). Some of you might remember the old Penn Station, the monumental Beaux-Arts station that was torn down in 1963 to build Madison Square Garden. Well, with this new design, which will cost $3 billion, you will be reminded of the good ol’ days, when Penn Station was a majestic place where people could relax and enjoy their commute. With high glass ceilings and vast public spaces, the new Pennsylvania Station-Farley Complex will be a place you take pride in. That's the Penn Station you will know as a new Millburn-Short Hills homeowner.

And a New Train Tunnel

After gathering $85 million in funding from Amtrak, Port Authority, and NJ Transit, there will be a new Hudson River tunnel for train commuters, in addition to repairs being done on the North River Tunnel. All of this investment into the New Jersey/New York infrastructure will pay off huge dividends for long-term, and even short-term, Millburn-Short Hills homebuyers. Everyone knows NYC will remain the economic hub for the future, and this devotion to improving the area means you can count on living a great life here for years to come.

New tracks, new tunnels, and a new Penn Station. In Millburn-Short Hills, some things you never want to change, but these infrastructural improvements clearly bring a new and improved quality of life. All the more reason to buy a Millburn Short Hills home to invest in this bright future.


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