About Jodi Rubenstein

 Inspired from a very young age to explore the fun side of buying and selling a home, Jodi Rubenstein has a long time passion for the housing market in New Jersey.

The first time she dipped her toe into the real estate industry as a career was right out of college, where she began working with an innovative new television series. Jodi was a pioneer of a Manhattan Cable (which later became Time Warner Cable) show called “Realty Views.” While working for the show, she acted as one of the innovators in the market.

The series served to educate homebuyers on what they needed when buying a new home, as well as offering a unique form of advertising for properties and real estate agents – this was something that had never before been seen in the real estate industry. “Realty Views” consisted of two, seven-minute interviews with key players in the New York real estate market, and then showcased other critical services homebuyers should be aware of when buying a home. In her experience on the show, she formed lifelong connections to others in the New York real estate market, which helped skyrocket her career as a real estate agent.

After her entrepreneurial experience on “Realty Views”, she was asked to be one of the featured realtors on the HGTV television series, “Bought and Sold”. Here she showcased her REALTOR™ talents by walking homebuyers through the process of buying or selling their home from start to finish – on screen! Her role on this television series solidified her status among New Jersey real estate agents as an expert in her field.

Jodi has spent over 15 years publicly earning the trust of future buyers and her peers in the housing market as a real estate agent (aka a matchmaker for homebuyers and homes) with large companies, such as RE/MAX Village and now, Coldwell Banker. Her favorite part of the process is forming connections with the right buyers and sellers, and then watching their unstoppable smiles as they close the deal.

Working with a belief that every home buyer and seller deserves an agent they can trust, who can see the big picture while remaining detail oriented, and who sticks by their side throughout the transaction, Jodi is an admired force in her field. The combination of these three essential skills, her passion for helping buyers find the perfect home for their needs, and her experience makes Jodi one of the most enthusiastic real estate agents in New Jersey.

Beyond her career in real estate, Jodi focuses much of her time and resources on helping the community she serves. She believes strongly in giving back to the people around her. In her lengthy career as a real estate agent, Jodi has devoted time to helping organizations, such as Jake’s Ride, Bachmann Strauss Dystonia & Parkinson’s Foundation, Cookies for Kid’s Cancer, The Education Foundation and numerous other local fundraisers.

In her free time, Jodi loves to spend time with her three children. To unwind, she loves to go out for a few good laughs with her close knit group of friends. Her variety of experience combined with her genuine giving spirit and passion for serving others makes her uniquely qualified to help homebuyers and sellers find their perfect match!